Four Ways to Infuse Your Passion Into Your Everyday Life

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Have you ever wondered how people juggle passion projects on top of working full time? This question comes up in conversation a lot as we discuss our careers and our side projects. While we don’t have all the answers, we felt inspired to share our tips to help you find a way to incorporate your interests both into your career and into your free time, while not valuing one over the other, and ultimately finding balance.

Let us start by saying what we do won't necessarily apply directly to your life, and neither will what your friends, family, or co-workers are telling you to do. What you can do is take tidbits of information from trusted sources, and find your own way to fuse them with your life.

1. Blurred lines

Staying streamlined and focused is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t blur some lines and let areas of your life crossover into one another. For instance, I (Sydney) work as a social media manager at an advertising agency where I've made a conscious effort to let my team know that if there's a new or existing client that is in the fitness or wellness industry to see if there’s a way to bring me on the account since that's an area I have expertise in. I create content and manage online communities at my agency for workplace wellness programs, health food brands, and other related organizations. But bringing your personal interests and expertise into your work might not always be as literal as that. I sometimes find myself having to use the same level of patience and intentional language that I do with my 2-year old dance students, as I do in some situations at my office. On the flip side, I am able to use my level of professionalism that I've garnered working in a corporate office environment into many other aspects of my life like in our conversations with Yoga Twins partners or with my dance students parents. In all areas of your life, find ways to continue to grow and then apply that growth into other avenues like at home, at work, or out in the world. Don’t be afraid to blur lines between your personal interests, work life, and hobbies.

2. Be intentional with your "free" time

At yoga, fitness, or wellness events where we are known as the Yoga Twins, people are often surprised that we aren't full time instructors and that we both have careers outside of the yoga world. On the other side of the coin, in our careers our colleagues are often in awe that we have the "time" to commit to building our yoga business. But if you really think about it, you typically work at a full time office job 40 out of 168 hours a week. If we spend 7 hours/night sleeping, that leaves us with 119 waking hours in a week. Subtract our 40 working hours from that, and you're left with a whopping 79 hours in your week to carve some time for conscious, intentional living. Obviously we all have our own set of weekly responsibilities and commitments outside of work, but there are still so many waking hours left that you have the ability to either waste or to harness. But before you start fretting about squeezing 10 fitness classes, 5 runs, 3 blog posts, etc. into your evening/weekends, remember that things like hanging out with friends, relaxing at home, or running errands can also be done intentionally and can positively contribute to a productive, healthy schedule. A great place to start is to track how you’re spending your free time, similarly to how you’d track your eating habits in a food journal. Take note of what you’re doing before, during, and after work hours, how these things made you feel, if there’s anything you think is missing, and then find where you can start making small changes to allocate time to things you’ve always wished you could squeeze into your days.

3. Network!

Ah networking. That buzzword that makes me cringe every time someone in my office emphasizes how important it is. Yet, I notice myself “networking” without even realizing it. One of the wonderful things about sharing your interests in a community like Instagram is that everyone you know, even people you don’t, are aware of your passion. I can’t even count the number of times that Kaitlyn or I have run into someone from highschool and the first thing they bring up is, “So you’re really into yoga, eh?” and the conversation just flows from there. More often than not, those conversations spark interesting connections, many of which have led to incredible opportunities for us. Our expression of our passion for yoga, through both Instagram and in person, has opened a lot of doors. So whether you’re sharing your personal interests online or in everyday conversations, make sure you’re expressing your true self and your true interests in one way or another. Be open to letting others know what you care about, unapologetically, and you’ll find the right connections.

4. Find YOUR Thing

So all of the above sounds great in theory, but what if you aren’t even sure what you’re passionate about or what you want to be spending your time doing? There are so many ways to find what it is that you’d like to be doing - in your personal and/or professional life. I recently did a guided meditation that leads you through an exercise to envision what your ideal day looks like. Guided meditations like this help you to be honest with yourself and recognize what really makes you happy, as well as eliminate things from your life things that aren’t serving you. This exercise won’t work for everyone though. Find your own way to discover what you really care about. I found these three great questions in an article to ask yourself:

  1. What subject could I read 50 books about without getting bored?

  2. What would I be willing to do for one year without getting paid?

  3. What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything?

I’ll leave you with that. Carve your own path and do so intentionally. If something’s not serving you, be honest with yourself about why and find ways to bring something that does into your life.

Kaitlyn Sydney