Christmas Karma Yoga Workshop Recap


Fa lalalala la la la la! Christmas is almost here and we're getting in the holiday spirit! To celebrate the season, we hosted a Christmas Karma Yoga Class to bring together our community in Toronto and do our part to give back. Each time we host a workshop, we are so overwhelmed with how empowering, positive, and open hearted the community of yogis in Toronto is. This event was definitely no exception! 


We gathered at Sydney's office space which has a perfectly zen area with exposed brick, high ceilings, wood beams, and strings of lights. We led the group through a yoga flow, inversions and partner acro yoga. Many of our participants had never gone upside down before so it was really fun to provide them with the safe space to try things for the first time. One of the most amazing parts about teaching is when a student realizes their strength, and accomplishes something they once thought was impossible. There was so much of this all night and our hearts were bursting at the seams! 


A number of incredible brands donated items to be given to the participants to continue spreading the Christmas joy! A huge thank you to Big Hit Studios, Witch in the Wild, and Tiny Devotions for your raffle prizes, to Public Myth for outfitting us, and to Calii Love, Citchen Candle Co., Lole Women, Pure Yoga, Revitasize, Public Myth and 6ix Cycle for your gifts! 


We decided to donate all of the proceeds from the workshop to a non profit here in Toronto called Charlie's Free Wheels. As stated on their site, their mission is to "inspire a spirit of exploration and to mobilize, empower and engage youth using bicycles as a driver for personal growth and positive social change." Through a free Build-A-Bike program, they provide youth who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to be a part of a community, develop valuable skills, and engage in outdoor activity! We are so happy to be able to support this program and hopefully provide more youth with access to many aspects of our childhoods that we hold dear.

A huge thank you to this wonderful group of people who shared their night with us, bravely tackled inversions and acro in ways they never thought possible, and donated to a wonderful cause. Happy Holidays everyone! 

Kaitlyn Sydney