Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Our last stop in Costa Rica was Puerto Viejo, a small town on the Caribbean coast of the country. It’s known for having the most powerful waves in Costa Rica, attracting experienced surfers. The vibes in Puerto Viejo were very relaxed and we felt at home as soon as we arrived. Leon is from Jamaica, which isn’t far from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, so a lot of the charm of the town reminded him of home.

The entire town is steps away from the water. Everything is very charming and unique, without an American brand name in sight. I was excited to get to Puerto Viejo because of what I’d read about the yoga retreat centres here and I was itching to get back on my mat after a week of travelling. The first hostel we stayed at here was across the road from Chandra Karuna Yoga & Healing which offers daily yoga classes in a quaint outdoor veranda.

My favourite yoga centre I came across was called Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge. We rented bikes to explore the town and found this place, down a secluded road, at the top of a large hill. We took a Level 2 Vinyasa class with an amazing teacher named Ryan. The view from the outdoor studio space was breathtaking. It was one of those pinch me is this real moments.

Leon had only done one other yoga class before (a Moksha Flow class in Toronto), and he loved this class leaving excited for our next yoga adventure! The lodge hosts yoga teacher training as well as daily classes, yoga retreats, and just regular hotel stays. There was an amazing organic cafe on the property where I had the BEST breakfast bowl I’ve ever had. Cashew Hill Jungle Lodge is somewhere Kaitlyn and I will be returning to together one day and a perfect spot for any other nature loving yogis.

Aside from yoga, my second favourite part of Puerto Viejo was our second hostel, the Lazy Loft, a hostel above a local bar, The Lazy Mon. The bar/loft is literally steps away from the water. There is daily live music on the beach patio that turns into quite the party at night. The food was great, and the entertainment was even better. The hostel section of the Lazy Loft was covered in murals done by travellers, with ocean view rooms, hammocks on the balcony, cool common areas indoor and outside, all for $25 a night (split between Leon and I). For anyone backpacking through this area,it’s a great cheap option that isn’t really advertised online.

The view from our hammock on our balcony.

The view from our hammock on our balcony.

I could go on and on about Puerto Viejo, but there’s no need for that. It was awesome and I would go back in a heartbeat. It is exactly what you would picture when you think Carribean, beach, boho lifestyle!

Kaitlyn Sydney