We are Kaitlyn and Sydney, otherwise known as the Yoga Twins. While we aren't actually related, we've been best friends since we were 5 years old, and have been each other's motivation ever since. We danced competitively on the same team growing up, and extended our love of fitness into adulthood through practicing yoga, together and apart. Since graduating university last year, we've been focusing on starting our professional careers while staying dedicated to our healthy lifestyles and yoga practices. 

We started our Instagram page @yoga_twins alongside this blog to show people that living a healthy lifestyle and practicing yoga can be really fun, especially if you have a friend by your side. Getting started in any type of fitness community can be daunting and intimidating. There are so many things that often hold people back like lack of time, resources, motivation, etc. We hope to encourage others to make that first step into a healthier life with their very own yoga twin to motivate them throughout their fitness journey. 

Interested in teaming up? Have a yoga-related question? Want to just say hi? We're not shy, shoot us a message :) 

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